Current Premium Starter Kit Perks

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On top of the fantastic deal that comes from buying a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living is throwing in a few extra freebies!

So, to summarize...

If you buy a Premium Starter Kit, you'll receive:

  • an extra 5ml bottle of Oregano essential oil
  • $90 off attendance to the Young Living 2017 International Grand Convention

New members who enroll in Essential Rewards and place $100 orders in Nov and Dec get an additional $50 off the registration cost! If you do all of the above, you can register for the convention for a total of $49. Not too shabby, huh?

Wait. What's this Convention Talk?

Young Living's International Grand Convention will be held next year in Salt Lake City, June 14-17. The convention includes things like farm tours, workshops, spa experiences, and it's family friendly (there is an essential oil kids' camp and family seating at the general session). Learn all about it here!

I can hook you up!


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